Take Charge of Your Finances

With A Low Rate Debt Consolidation Loan

The Benefits of Debt Consolidation Loans

  • 1 Save money with an interest rate in the single digits.
  • 2 Get payment relief by cutting your monthly payments by over half.
  • 3 Simplify your life with one monthly payment.

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Benefits of Debt Consolidation Loans

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At Crestmont Funding, we know that there is no simple answer when it comes to managing your credit card debt. Every family comes to us with their own set of financial, emotional, and logistical circumstances. If you are looking for help managing your credit card situation, we will explore alternatives for you to pay them off at a lower rate that what you may be currently paying.

Crestmont Funding reviews applications to determine whether individuals are eligible for loans. If they are eligible, their loan applications are then referred to a loan company. If they do not qualify, Crestmont Funding is unable to assist them in getting a loan.

Debt Consolidaton Loans: 5 Benefits

Over the years you charge some things. The credit card company doubles and then triples your credit limit. Another company offers you a better rate, so you take that one too. The car breaks down and you charge the repairs. You get an apartment and buy some furniture. You take a vacation and get married and have a baby. You keep telling yourself you will pay everything off with your tax refund or your bonus check, because you realize that paying 18% on purchases made a year ago is not good money management. And you do pay it down—but not completely.

Then the unthinkable happens. You are downsized, a family member has a medical emergency, you get divorced. You look over your bills and realize there is over $40,000 worth of credit card debt; the bills keep coming, two or three or four a month, and you cannot even pay all the minimums.

Then a credit counselor suggests a solution: a debt consolidation loan that pools all your bills into one, with a single affordable… (Read more.)